About Liz Truitt

Find your passion. It’s good advice. And it’s advice that I’ve tried to follow. Throughout my life, I’ve had two overriding passions—writing, and helping animals. So I’ve worked hard to balance the two. Working for nonprofit animal welfare organizations for over a decade has allowed me to not only make a difference in animals’ lives. It’s also allowed me to experience firsthand the positive impact that a group of professionals can have on a community. Now it’s time for me to take the valuable lessons I’ve learned in the nonprofit world and apply them to new ventures. An aspiring technical writer and editor, I believe in using my writing skills in order to improve the lives of my community through clear, concise communication and instruction. With one degree in English, I’m about to complete a second degree in Technical Communications. I’m armed with the knowledge, the drive, and the conscientious nature necessary to succeed in the diverse and changing world of technical writing.

Lessons Learned from Do-Overs

Recently, I had to rescue a cat who had tangled himself around the rear wheel of a car. I tried easing him out over the top of the tire. No luck. I laid down behind the tire and tried easing him out towards the back of the car. No luck. I wiggled over to get in front of the tire, where I eased and pried and pulled and coaxed. No luck. I couldn’t see any physical reason why this cat wasn’t budging. But he wasn’t. Fear was his problem, and I couldn’t override that.Then it dawned on me. Remove the tire.

Five minutes later, I had the car jacked up and the tire off. The cat gratefully crawled into my arms, terrified but uninjured. “Well, that was easy,” I thought.

We’ve all done it. Spent hours working on a problem, trying different solutions, when finally, the last thing we try works. “Oh,” we say to ourselves. “I’ll just do that next time.”

That’s what writing is all about. Except there’s no single solution that will fix all projects. So we keep working on our projects, trying different solutions to each one until we get the final outcome we were looking for: clarity, precision, insight, comprehension.

The goal of this blog is to share with fellow aspiring writers insights and knowledge that I have gained in my ongoing quest to become a professional writer. I’d like not only to give hope to new writers, but also to have helpful links or advice in order to inspire them to keep going.

As in life, it’s not the first draft that counts. It’s the revisions that make the masterpiece.

(image borrowed from: http://epthinking.blogspot.com/2012/02/on-revision-and-compensation-in-event.html)