My current showcase consists of projects completed for my degree in Technical Communications. I have included a variety of projects to showcase my differing abilities.

Urban Dare Logo and Poster 
This project involved the design of a logo and poster for an existing event using Adobe Illustrator. I chose to highlight the Urban Dare, an event where racers solve clues and complete physical challenges in order to finish. My goal for the logo was to create a more sophisticated, clean look in comparison to the existing one while still maintaining a fun, friendly feel. My goal with the poster was to alert racers who were already familiar with the Urban Dare that the event was returning to Phoenix.

Proposal for Disaster Relief Funding
I wrote this proposal with the goal of obtaining funding for much needed disaster relief equipment for animal welfare. After spending weeks in the field at various disasters impacting Arizona over the years, I am well versed in the needs and shortcomings of an emergency animal shelter. In this proposal I lay out the problems and solutions, and included cost analysis.

Instructions for Dispatchers
I wrote detailed instructions for new dispatchers trying to learn our unique computer program designed for animal welfare. I included visuals, and tips and shortcuts.

Magazine Article Query
This query letter showcases my ability to communicate formally with agents and editors. I was able to connect with my reader by showing that I understood the magazine’s audience as well as the magazine’s submission standards and article length and style.


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