Good tips can be great time savers. And make us better writers. Find tips on improving your writing, editing, and reviewing here.

  • Get business cards and stationary. The first time I heard this advice I thought, “But shouldn’t I wait until I really am a ‘writer’ before I put that on a business card?” No, you shouldn’t wait. For less than twenty bucks ($20), you can have professional looking cards and stationary printed quickly. Then don’t forget to carry cards with you. They boost your credibility to potential clients. And they boost your confidence.
  • Create a public forum to showcase your writing. Take advantage of the millions of potential online viewers. Create a webpage. Start a blog. Start building a following  of loyal readers while honing your craft and learning to cater to different audiences. My animal welfare blog can be found at
  • Network. The more people you talk to, the more likely you are to get writing work. Don’t be afraid to use that friend-of-a-friend connection. And speaking of using your friends…
  • Never be too proud to ask for help. We all have that friend to whom we go when we need a set of fresh eyes. I’m not recommending bombbarding them to review every draft of every project. But a couple drafts of a few projects? Sure. We continue to go to these people because they catch the things that we don’t. So don’t feel guilty for asking for help. Just remember to say thank you. And bring doughnuts.
  • Revise, revise, revise. There’s a reason this is the title of this blog. Writing isn’t math. In math there’s an endpoint, a definitive right answer (at least until you get into super advanced math). That precise endpoint doesn’t always exist in writing. What does exist is the stress of hitting your deadline. Getting all the words on the page? That’s just your first draft. Whether major revisions are in order or just small tinkering changes, keep revising your work in order to clarify your message. And don’t forget to schedule time for revisions in your project calendar.

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